Affordable catering from Richland Center, WI.

Catering By Carter Offers Professional Catering At Affordable Prices

Catering By Carter specializes in providing professional catering and gourmet quality cupcakes at a very affordable price. We are located in Richland Center, Wisconsin and provide service to a large radius.

Call us today at (608)604-9023 for a free, no-hassle and informative quote for your next special event!

Business owner Jennifer Carter is committed to the success of your special event!

Need delicious, gourmet catered meals and/or cupcakes? Catering By Carter will make your event a smashing success with a wide variety of delicious foods for:

  • Weddings
  • Rehersal Dinners
  • Special Events
  • Holiday Parties
  • Business Meetings
  • Banquets
  • Funerals
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We have a deep understanding of what it takes to produce diverse gourmet meals for large groups of people and to do so in an efficient and highly professional manner. We are committed to utilizing only the best food ingredients as well as our distinct brand of quality service to make your special event a memorable one. Every project we undertake is customized for the optimum delight of those we serve. 

Our access to talented and experienced food service staff, culinary professionals and chefs means that we that can handle any event from a private few to a large crowd. 

Check out our services and pricing.


We are trendsetters in professional gourmet catering in Richland Center. With years of experience in the food service industry, we don't guess at what may work, but instead speak with you to determine the specific details of your event and attendees in order to make it a success.


Catering is our specialty.

Feeding a crowd efficiently and with delicious food enough for all takes precision, which is why our catering solutions are unrivaled.

Providing a professional catering service for large groups requires more than just enough food. It takes knowledge and adherence to food service principles and safety standards, a deep knowledge of the culinary arts and an experienced staff that truly works as a team to deliver delicious and fresh food to our clients. Catering By Carter is a professional catering company that stands for quality, delectable food choices and prompt and efficient service. Our catering service solutions have our clients raving about what we have done for their events!


We are experts at preparing and serving mouth-watering gourmet cupcakes. We know the best flavor profiles and textures to adhere to and in what specific amounts to create a truly unique experience from every cupcake flavor combination.

Catering By Carter takes pride in creating the most beautiful and delicious gourmet cupcakes available in southern Wisconsin! Our cupcakes are fresh, moist and delicious. Every bite from any of our cupcake flavors is sure to warm the heart and palate of even the harshest critics. When the rich inner filling hits your tongue, it perfectly compliments the cake and icing, combining into a perfectly balanced flavor explosion.


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